FUMC Marietta, GA- Church: Methodist, Local Church Service
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Staff Directory

Director of Music
W: ext. 7815
Director of Program
W: ext. 7809
Administrative Assistant
W: ext. 7829
Associate Director of Children
W: ext.7812
Facility Supervisor
W: ext. 7838
Music Assistant
W: ext. 7857
Kimbrel, Erin
Administrative Assistant
W: ext. 7857
Director of Middle School Youth
W: ext. 7822
Audio Visual Specialist
W: ext. 7832
Senior Minister
W: ext. 7811
McElwain, Susan
Director of Food Service
W: ext. 7853

Director of Senior Adults/
Church Hostess
W. ext. 7807
Associate Director of Music
and Organist
W: ext. 7818
Purvis, Dolly
Director of Communications
W: ext. 7817
Director of Children's Ministry
W: ext. 7805
W: ext. 7824
Brian Smith
Associate Minister
W: ext. 7840
Swain, Rodney
Night Shift Supervisor
W: ext. 7863
Sweeney, Josh
Director of Youth
W: ext. 7808
Associate Minister
W: ext. 7826