FUMC Marietta, GA- Church: Methodist, Local Church Service
Friday, August 22, 2014

Core Values

At the heart of the ministry at Marietta First United Methodist are three core values that remind us of our call to engage and sustain Discipleship Opportunities in our church and the world around:
We acknowledge the Mystery and the Awe of God: We understand God as creator, redeemer and sustainer. In scripture we hear echoes of those that have been called and transformed by God. Those stories are our stories. We live and practice in a long line of saints that have given of themselves so that the world might know Christ. We have experienced the presence of God in our midst. We believe that God has given us reason to understand God’s creation. Ultimately, however, God is mystery and the ways in which God works through us, around us and sometimes in spite of us are awe-inspiring and at the core of who God is. To abide in the mystery of God means that we do not have all the answers; sometimes we live with the questions. It is faith, “the assurance of things not seen,” that sustains us. That mystery of God inspires in us a humility and reverence as we gather as a people for worship of a God that creates the universe and calls us by name.
We live our lives in a Community of Faith: We do not journey with Christ alone. We are part of a larger community of people answering God’s call to be the people of God, the Church. Community does not mean that we believe the same, vote the same, or even like the same things. It does mean that we are linked in the mysterious power of the Holy Spirit of God to be the body of Christ. In that body we share our joys and our sorrows. We support one another and we challenge one another and we forgive one another. As the baptized community we are called to live the tenets of our faith together.  It is together that we discover salvation, healing, forgiveness, call, mission and discipleship always journeying together in the presence of Christ. 
We are on a journey to discover our True Self: We believe the story of creation starts in Genesis 1.  Humanity was created in the image of God and it was good. Much like the Apostle Paul in Romans chapter 7, we find that we fight an inner conflict. The good that we know we do not always do and the evil that we fight we often find ourselves doing. Over time the corruption of sin and disobedience, the scares of hurt and isolation, and the dust of lives lived guided by our own personal agendas smear that image. In Christ that image of God within us can be restored as we learn together what it means to be the people that God created us to be. In community, God mysteriously justifies and sanctifies creation through Christ transforming us together. At Marietta we are a people of God desiring to live into that creation.