FUMC Marietta, GA- Church: Methodist, Local Church Service
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

General History

History of our Rose Window

Do you recognize our beautiful, historical, stained glass rose window in the Family Life Center?

Being in itself a statement of historical and religious significance, the window rightly occupies a position of prominence. It is a composite of two of the rose windows that were in the sanctuary of the former church building on the corner of Atlanta and Anderson streets. Half of the petals are from the window on Atlanta Street, the other half and the center piece are from the Anderson Street window. (From "A High Obligation: The Story of First United Methodist Church of Marietta, GA" by Hammons and Carr)

Three men with two pickup trucks rescued approximately fifty stained glass windows from demolition. Lucrete Hammons and Betty Carr tell us in the FUMC church history written in 1983, that, at the time the windows were saved, it was said it was a labor of dirty hands, sweaty brows and aching backs, but one of charity-for the beauty and memories of the glass; of hope-that someday, somehow they would be appreciated; and of faith-that it would come to pass.